What is FUNDOSHI(ふんどし)??


Hello, everyone!!

Are you interested in a Japanese tradition?

If you so, give me a few minutes. Let me introduce a “FUNDOSHI”.


outline of FUNDOSHI

“FUNDOSHI” is a Japanese traditional underwear which is made of a cotton, linen, or silk fabrics and tapes, and was normally used till WWII by male. After ending WWII, people who use “FUNDOSHI” decreased quickly because daily life in Japan got westernized day by day.

風褌 KAZE+fun

But in these several years, “FUNDOSHI” gathers attention from people, not only male but also female, who take care about their health, love Japanese traditional culture, capture it as a new fashion, and so on.

good points of FUNDOSHI

What kind of good points does “FUNDOSHI” have?

In case that you…

  • feel too much pressure on your groins, waist, and hip from an underwear you are using.
  • want to stay cool, comfortable, and rash free your waist and hip.
  • have cold feet.
  • catch a cold easily.
  • want a good appetite, good sleep, and regular motions.
  • lower a loss of male functions.
  • like traveling.
  • want to get discipline before a big game.

It is worth while to read below.


  • doesn’t squeeze your groins and waist. Your body gets back a natural flow of blood and lymph. It makes you gain an immune strength, your legs get back heat, your stomach feel free. It follows that you can relax much more than before.
  • has a good ventilation. It brings a breeziness to your waist, hip, and, this is important for men, between the legs.
  • is like a washcloth. So, you can fold a “FUNDOSHI” as small as possible. You can wash it easily and dry it quickly. Especially when you go to a hot-humid area, “FUNDOSHI” is a perfect item!! And you can dry yourself off with a “FUNDOSHI” if you forget to have a towel.

I recommend you to try to wear “FUNDOSHI” when you go to bed at first. Even most of us, Japanese people, got used to “FUNDOSHI” life like that. Because we were’t used to “FUNDOSHI” life as well as you. I believe this is the best way to get used to “FUNDOSHI” life.

how to put on FUNDOSHI?

Although this picture is for Japanese, see this picture below. Sorry for the inconvenience. From frame 1 to frame 5.

Now, you are with a “FUNDOSHI”!!


Here, now I mention how to do your business in a restroom with “FUNDOSHI” when you need to sit down a lavatory basin. You may feel frustrated until you get used to “FUNDOSHI” life.

  1. First of all, take a stance like a frame No,1 in the picture above.
  2. Then, lift up “FUNDOSHI” on your back, and hold it in the side of body, or put on your shoulder.
  3. That’s it. You don’t need to take off “FUNDOSHI” until you finish your business. Of course, you can take off “FUNDOSHI”. Both are OK.

I greatly appreciate reading this article. If you want to have a comfortable “FUNDOSHI” life, I’d like you to have a look these website below. I made by hand a super cool cotton “FUNDOSHI”!!

Super coooooool FUNDOSHI!!

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